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Fairy Glen Gorge in North Wales

Wales is one of the most diverse regions of Great Britain. Towards the coast, the landscape is gentle and characterized by wide, sandy beaches, while the inland wild, narrow gorges and barren ridge dominate. On a trip through Wales mighty castles are to be discovered again and again.

They were from the English built around the recalcitrant Welsh to keep under control. Many regions are very sparsely populated, larger cities such as Cardiff are in the far south. From the period of industrialization, many railway lines are still preserved, are today operated partly as a museum railways. On our journey we learn to know North Wales with the regions Snowdonia and Anglesey.

A special feature is the Welsh language, which is at the place name still omnipresent, as Llandudno and Llangollen. Welsh but is spoken and understood only by a part of the population. A word will happen to us again and again: "Plas". It is the Welsh name for a country house.
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