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Grand Teton National Park

In the northwest Wyoming in the north to the big brother, the Yellowstone National Park, bordering the park area, with the characteristic 'Tetons' and the historic Jackson Hole. A young rejection old granite was slowly raised to several 1000 m over a length of 70 km. The dozens of three thousand extensive mountain range called French trappers sinnigerweise 'Tetons' breasts.

The geologically very young Teton Range (Mountain Range) consists almost exclusively of around 2.5 billion ancient igneous and metamorphic rocks, particularly granite, gneiss, metamorphic schist and quartzite. Millions of years of weathering and mountain building have the plutonic rock, which is still covered in places by 200 million years old marine sediments, exposed. Chance pervades black gangue the plutonic rock. Such rock vein is clearly visible at the top of the south-west of Lake Jackson situated Mount Moran.

The wide and flat Jackson Hole is an ideal habitat for large mammals such as bison, elk (moose), wapiti deer (elk), mule deer (deer), pronghorn antelope and coyotes. Among the small and frequent mammals include beaver, muskrats, marmots, hares, ground and tree squirrels. The Teton Range in summer is the domain of grizzly bears and bighorn sheep. Varied and of some special feature is the birdlife.
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