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Hierve el Agua Oaxaca Mexico

The Cascadas Agua Azul, appropriately named because of the clear blue water, are probably the most attractive and most beautiful waterfalls in Mexico. In Chiapas state of Rio Yax plunges over wide stone dams in spacious basin.

Scandalous foaming water on white, then as tamed as a gentle river to assume the characteristic turquoise color, and to dwell in the rock pools. By means of dozens of large and small waterfalls, the river gradually loses altitude and enters further into the lush tropical forest of Chiapas.

A path leads to the left of the falls upward, over small bridges and through the proliferating vegetation along the shore. After every turn even more impressive result glimpses of turquoise pools of Agua Azul. In some you can enjoy a swim and bathe in other sections prevail strong currents off.

The farther up you walk, the less Mitsch Wimmer there and you can claim its own private swimming pool for themselves, for a moist-happy experience in the jungle. The terraces and cascades extending over 7 km, until the river disappears into a narrow, impassable ravine.
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