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Easter Island Chile

The Easter island is a unique open-air museum, but the history around the island is a very sad chapter.

The island of Isla de Pascua, Rapanui Rapa Nui is an island in the Southeast Pacific, which belongs to Chile. The main town of Hanga Roa is 3.526 km from Chile and 4.251 km from Tahiti. The closest inhabited island is in 2.078 kilometers Pitcairn.

As well as everyone knows them and everyone knows how they look, but the fewest can neither name their names nor their exact origin and know nothing about the circumstances of their production: The moai's - the stone-colossus of the Easter Island. On the Easter Island, a lonely island in the Pacific Ocean on the other side of our earth globe, there are about 890 monumental stone sculptures (moai's) of different sizes between two meters and almost 22 meters.

The Moai's were made, transported and set up with the simplest means; In 1956 Thor Heyerdahl had experiments carried out by the islanders. As far as we know today, the Moai's were not made under duress; There was even a special caste under the Rapa Nui, which had specialized in the production of the stone-colossi and was regarded as high in the population. Most of the nearly 900 Moai's were made of soft tuff rock and come from the quarry of Rano Raraku. On the island, however, 53 (smaller) moais - mainly from the first epoch - were found, made of hard basalt rock, red tuff or trachyte.

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