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Neuschwanstein Castle Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle stands above Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southern Bavaria. The building was built from 1869 for the Bavarian King Ludwig II as the idealized representation of a knight castle from the time of the Middle Ages. The designs are by Christian Jank, the execution took over by Eduard Riedel and Georg von Dollmann. The king lived only a few months in the castle, he died before the completion of the plant. Neuschwanstein was originally called the New Castle Hohenschwangau, its present name bears it since 1886. The owner of the castle is the Freistaat Bavaria; It is managed and managed by the Bavarian administration of the state castles, gardens and lakes.

Neuschwanstein is the most famous of the castles of Ludwig II and one of Germany's most famous sights. It is visited annually by about 1.5 million tourists. Neuschwanstein, often referred to as a fairy-tale castle, can be visited and is open to visitors almost every year. The architecture and interiors are characterized by the romantic eclecticism of the 19th century; The castle is considered to be a masterpiece of historicism. A recording of the "Ludwig-Schlösser" Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee in the list of the world cultural heritage of the UNESCO is striven for.

The facility was a model for several buildings around the world, especially for the Sleeping Beauty Castle at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. The Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris has also been modeled on the Bavarian "fairy tale castle" and follows the international classification that connects the sight of Neuschwanstein with Disney's Cinderella and Cinderella.

The same applies to the Excalibur Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Opened in 1990, the 290 million dollar complex shows strong leanings to Neuschwanstein. In Germany the Commercial Councilor Friedrich Hoepfner had his "Hoepfner-Burg" built by Johann Hantschel in the Karlsruhe Haid-and-Neu-Strasse from 1896 to 1898. The building, which was built as a factory building for Hoepfner's brewery, also shows reminiscences of Neuschwanstein Castle.
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