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Seychelles Africa

The Seychelles are an island group in the Indian Ocean. They are located northeast of Madagascar.

The Seychelles are an island group of about 115 islands. Mahé is the largest island of it, it is 24 km long. The capital of the Seychelles is Victoria and is located on Mahé. The second largest of the inner Seychelles is Praslin, which is about 14 km long, the third largest is La Digue. To the south lies the Aldabra Atoll, which is about as large as Mahe but consists of 4 islands, the largest of which is larger than Praslin.

The Seychelles offer good diving, but few corals. This is due to the already very high water temperatures. In addition, many corals have died in one of the last El Ninos. But good view of many fish.

The kitchen is Creole, meaning there are a lot of fish, chutneys and currys. The fish caught in the morning comes to the table in the evening. Also, one eats bat goulash on the Seychelles.

Also fast food has found the way across the ocean. You just have to trust, the food does not always look like it would taste, but it does.
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