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Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island

The Tian Tan Buddha was only completed in 1993. The statue, including Lotusthron, is 34 meters high and represents a Buddha in Sakyamuni Mudra (posture).

The monastery PoLin belongs to the 10 most important monasteries of Buddhism. It is founded by hermits and in 1928 officially opened. Today's complex with its many halls has only been established in the 70s, as PoLin into a company with a prominent abbot as well as a Monksdirektorium was converted.

 On his chest he has a swastika pointing to the left, a symbol of Buddhism.
It has nothing in common with the Hakenkreuz chosen by the National Socialists as a symbol. Interestingly, it is said that Hitler has captured the idea for it in a Buddhist monastery in his homeland, mirrored it and turned it into the top. Admission to this plateau is free.
However, the entrance fee for the visit to the museum opened here (70 HKD), or an additional vegetarian meal in the monastery (100 HKD 200) remain.

 We decide against both. We already participated in the PoLin monastery in 2003. We think this is worthwhile. But today it is very busy and our plan for today is still full.

 The view from this top of the mountain, including the plateau, is outstanding in this weather. One can not only look at the monastery but also in the direction of the South China Sea and see the island world.
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