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Turnip Rock Port Austin

Turnip Rock is a beautiful, wondrous land formation off the coast in Port Austin.
The gigantic stone developed its signature look after millennium of being worn away by waves thumping across its bow. After being separated from the mainland in prehistoric times, Turnip Rock is an island inhabited by some trees and very little else.

Turnip Rock remains a little-known, little-visited beautiful rock formation and minuscule tidal island. As mentioned, since it is surrounded by non-public land, one of the only ways to get there when the lake is not frozen is by kayak.

As the kayaking journey is a 3.5 mile trek each way using the Point Aux Barques trail, experience in kayaking is helpful. The lake around the Turnip Rock is relatively shallow, and does allow voyagers to leave their boats and walk around . Please don appropriate shoes, as the rocks can be quite slippery.
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