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Caution Jumping prohibited! But he did what happened

Antelope Canyon is the most visited and most photographed slot canyon in the American Southwest. It is situated on Navajo Land near Arizona. Antelope Canyon includes two separate sections.

The boiling water flows down the rocky bottom and forms shallow cliffs, which fill with the frosty water to the edge. Silhouettes dancing freely on colorful walls, where only a trickle of sunlight penetrates the curved chamber of the subway. Falling echoes in the nature carved tunnel, where dragonflies fly, frogs lazing and shimmering emerald pools seduce cold hikers. Meanwhile, the promise of daylight forces an exit to the warmth of the sun waiting outside the subway.

The canyon expands as a hiker across the stream and makes its way to the strenuous ascent. For those who want a view of the canyon, but choose to stay away from uncomfortable obstacles, explore the canyon from the bottom where thin leaves of glittering water cascade over mossy staircase step fissures.

Never enter a technical canyon without the knowledge and skills needed to safely explore and return. Rappelling and down-climbing skills are required to navigate through the Subway. Do not jump. Jumping in Zion's canyons have resulted in many broken bones. The Subway route requires excellent map reading skills to navigate. GPS coordinates are only references and may not be accurate and a GPS has limited capabilities in canyons. Do not rely on them as the sole method of navigation. Always check your position with a detailed map before dropping into a canyon.
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