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Konya Turkey

Konya is probably the "most oriental" city of Turkey and does not actually fit into the image of the Ataturk Republic. It is still regarded as a city of Islamic fundamentalists and is, in part, strongly hated by secular Turks. This city has undergone a major change in recent years. 

While a decade ago most of the women were still deeply veiled by the streets, clothing has now adapted to the coastal cities. The center forms the Mevlana Caddesi between Alaaddin Hill and Mevlana Monastery.

The main attraction of Konyas is the Mevlâna Medressa, which has served as a museum since its closure by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, but is still a pilgrimage site. In addition, there are many mosques (mostly in Seljuk style bricks with turquoise tiles) as well as museums unused medresses to visit.

Specialties Konyas are the "Fırın Kebab" (oven-baked lamb meat) and "Etli Ekmek" (literally bread with meat), a kind of pide, but with a thinner floor
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