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Villa Rufolo Italy

Villa Rufolo, the jewel in the crown of Ravello

Sun and nature, tradition and prestige, the Amalfi coast and Ravello, architectonic and artistic masterpieces that frame Villa Rufolo like a timeless treasure. A favourite haunt of musicians, artists and poets, eulogised in the poetry of Bocaccio and where Richard Wagner saw the living image of the garden of his imagination: a unique experience that takes you into a different world. 

The jewel in the crown of Ravello, Veduta villa the defiant stronghold of the once great Amalfi Maritime Republic, contains centuries of history, magnificent works of art, and legends. The Villa is unique in terms of its architecture and decoration, and has never failed to make travellers marvel - all those who have had reason to cross its threshold down the centuries. Its uniqueness reflects its location at the crossroads of intense commercial and cultural exchanges; indeed Gregorovius referred to it as “a miniature Alhambra”.

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