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Bamboo Forest Japan

The Bamboo Forest of Sagano - Arashiyama is a part of the overall tourist attractions facilities at this location, but quite an outstanding literally. For here is a bamboo next to the other and rises high into the sky. Since the density is so high, you can see the sky barely sheer bamboo. Sunlight takes nevertheless the way through the trees and makes a visit here sometimes appear extremely exotic and almost unreal in the bamboo forest - but unreal beautiful.

Paths lead through the not too large area, so that one is here rarely alone. Because the bamboo forest is a popular and well-known attraction. Almost a bit unfortunate that we can not be here alone one with the slim elegance of bamboo, or at least can be enchanted them. But a stroll through the Sagano Bamboo Forest is not only visually pleasing. It is a feast for all the senses: So you can listen to the wind, whistling through the wood and very different sound than in a central European forest. Finally, the bamboo is indeed slim, but very sturdy.

Getting to the bamboo forest is worthwhile for that reason alone, because he is surrounded by so many other attractions. In Arashiyama district there are to visit the monkey park Iwatayama, the famous Togetsukyo Bridge or various temples and tombs. So the bamboo forest is here embedded in a variety of other attractions of Japan, one of the top destinations in the Far East.

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