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Haiku Stairs Oahu Hawaii

The ascent is arduous, but he will be rewarded: about 600 meters it goes into the air, more than 3,500 metal steps anchored in the overgrown with lush greenery rocks. The hiking in the Koolau Mountains on the Hawaiian island of Oahu has the nickname of "Stairway to Heaven" (Sky Stairs). You through puffy clouds over a tropical forest, at the summit there is a breathtaking view of the Haiku Valley and on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

However risking hikers on the Haiku Route currently a sentence for trespassing on private property and a towed car. The owner of the land at the foot of the stairs, the route to the public banned - although the island's government had invested five years ago 875,000 Dollars (650,000 euros) for repairs.

Although a few other interesting routes on Oahu are blocked due to land disputes or landslides, hikers still have the choice between around 80 routes. A system of paths in the Koolau Mountains above Honolulu winds through the rainforest and results in some of the highest ridges that offer sweeping views over lush valleys. Other paths lead to hidden waterfalls or show the hikers the huge variety of local flora and fauna.
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