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The Eiffel Tower

The 1889 built a veritable highlight of the World Exhibition in Paris Eiffel Tower has long been to the symbol of Paris, if not of all France, become. Around seven million people from around the world annually visit the Eiffel Tower. This also waiting times and queues at the Eiffel Tower are very long.

By climatic conditions of the Eiffel Tower must average every seven years to get a new coat of paint, so 60 tonnes of paint to be applied both to protect the Eiffel Tower against rust and weather. The work will be applied by 25 painters by hand and cost around three million euros. The work will take it mostly more than a year.

From the third floor you have 276 meters from a magnificent panoramic view of Paris. The first floor at 57 meters (345 steps) offers a cinema where films about the history of the Eiffel Tower will be shown, also you will find here a post office, three restaurants and gift shops.

The second floor at 115 meters you can reach either via 359 steps or by a lift, in total there are 704 steps to the second floor. To reach the third floor you have to climb on the second platform to another elevator then brings it to 276 meters up to the third floor.

Overall, you get three lifts on the north, east and west piers on the first two floors. Or get on the staircase with 704 steps to the second floor.
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