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Glacier National Park Montana

At the Canadian border, in northwestern Montana, the 100 km long and 50 km wide is Glacier National Park. He is a mountain Park of the Rocky Mountains, with several three-thousand, and - contrary to expectations - only a few glaciers.

These glaciers have the sharp and precipitous mountains awarded its present appearance which left more than 200 small Firnseen and the U-shaped valleys with more than half a dozen large, elongated lakes. Countless streams cascade down vertically abraded rock walls, flowing through dense pine forests and flower-filled meadows.

The beauty and easy accessibility of the area have already led to the 1910 creation of the national park. The Promising Park Road on the 2026 m high pass annually attracts many visitors Logan who come here for hiking, boating, fishing, horseback riding or watching the many wild animals, Including Black Bears.
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