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Skaftafell Ice Cave Iceland

The Vatnajökull, one of the mightiest glacier in Europe, impressed not only by its size. His close together pressed, hundreds of years old ice can have incredible colors and his tongues form repeatedly pale to deep blue caves. Every autumn to make the locals on the lookout for new highlights in the National Park, because the ice caves from the previous year then mostly exist no longer (already collapsed, or at least in danger of collapsing) or they have become much smaller and therefore no longer so worth seeing.

Every autumn to open other / new Ice Caves for tourists. In some years there are only 1-2 caves, often can but several are available. And then you have the "spoiled for choice", if you book a "personal tour" and not one of the connecting regular. A really good help in decision-making are the Facebook pages of the tours on which they publish new photos from the ice caves regularly (see references below). So everyone can easily get an idea, in which he / she would prefer.

Sometimes the caves can cause several 100 m deep into the glacier, with some already after a few meters again conclusion. That is more a matter of luck, where winter is just there!
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