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Mount Ararat Turkey

The Ararat knows many stories and legends . He is a mountain in the Bible . After the Flood , Noah's Ark to be stranded here . " Pain Mountain " call him the Turks . " Mother Earth " is his name among the Armenians , " the fiery mountain " with the Kurds.

The highest mountain in Turkey with 5165 meters is on the border with Iran and Armenia . Still , the region is a closed military zone . Since 2005, the Ararat is but , with special visa , opened to tourism .

It is a unique feeling of standing at the foot of Mount Ararat . The mountain looks sublime and respectful. Time to pause . But the rest of the group does not interest the five thousand at the moment. There is hustle and bustle around the small bus that has hergekarrt guests . Ans eastern end of Turkey in Anatolia , the end of a rough road , at the beginning of the climb .

Blue sky above the highest peaks in the country . But everyone looks rather that his luggage off the bus lands on horseback , and the animal drivers negotiate loudly that Gaul must haul the heaviest bags upstairs .
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