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Amsterdam Netherlands

Amsterdam is the state capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. However, the seat of the government is located 50 km from The Hague. Amsterdam is multicultural and very open. Characteristic of Amsterdam are the many canals (canals), which change the city in a so-called belt. There are even more channels here than in Venice.

Amsterdam is a small metropolis in which there is something to experience and discover day and night. Many tourists come to the city of Amsterdam to enjoy the famous flair with its canals and coffeeshops and to visit the many sights of Amsterdam. In addition to a large number of historical buildings and monuments, there are over 50 museums in Amsterdam, which are particularly interesting for cultural fans. The "Van Gogh Museum" or the "Reichsmuseum" in Amsterdam, for example, can be mentioned here.

Amsterdam: Paradise for fast food fans
In Amsterdam, you have the opportunity to buy something at any corner, no matter what day or night. The culinary styles of Amsterdam are just as varied as the nationalities of people living in Amsterdam. In particular fast food and everything fried is being written up in Amsterdam. You will find the well-known international and domestic Dutch chains in Amsterdam. Burgers, sandwiches or even falafel to assemble themselves are very popular in Amsterdam. Typical Dutch are the so-called "Vlaamse Frites", a larger version of fries, which are eaten with different sauces in Amsterdam. Another Dutch specialty is the honey-filled "Stroopwaffeln" - caution: very sweet!

As an alternative to the stroop waffles, Amsterdam visitors can also try the "Poffertjes", small warm pancakes, which are served with powdered sugar.
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