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Fiordo di Furore - Italy

Furore where you can hear the silence. Above the divine coast, after 7 km of serpentines snaking into the mountains, always with a panoramic view over the charming coast and the Gulf of Salerno, lies furore, a village of 800 inhabitants, whose houses are situated on a slope, which radiates peace and quiet.

The wide view makes you free, frees the thoughts from their tight shackles, borders vanish, the heart expands he Fjord of Furore is a wonderful excursion destination on the Amalfi Coast. Over the fjord there is a spectacular bridge from which sometimes risky jumps from breathtaking heights take place. The town of Furore is terraced on a slope, many of its walls have been decorated by artists. In Italy, furore is also known as the "painted village".

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