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Montenegro Europe

Montenegro is located in Southern Europe. Adjacent countries are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Albania and Kosovo.

In the north-west is the National Park Durmitor, a mountain peaks up to 2,522 m high. It was declared a national park in the 1950s. The area, which also includes numerous mountain lakes, is a refuge for many animal species, such as bears, deer, wolves and marten. The river Tara, one of the last wild rivers in Europe, winds through a canyon, one of the largest canyons in Europe.

The Skutarisea (Skadarsko Jezero) in the south of the country owes its popularity not only to its size, but also to its unique fish richness (eg carp, pikeperch, salmon trout, pike) and its bird diversity (eg pelicans, herons, , The small Adriainsel Sveti Stefan near Budva, known as a former pirate fortress, is one of the landmarks of Montenegro.

Montenegrin specialties include Kacamak (polenta on Montenegrin) and smoked carp. Seafood are traditionally served with olive oil and many spices. The desserts are usually Lokum (Turkish honey) and Alva (crushed nuts in honey).
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