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Tasmania Australia

Tasmania is an island south-east of the continent of Australia. It is part of the Australian Federation. Tasmania is home to several smaller islands, mainly located between the main island and the mainland of Australia. The largest of these are King, Flinders and Cape Barren Island. The capital Hobart is located in the south of the island and is the second most populated city in Australia.

Tasmania offers many interesting national parks (45% of the area). Impressive are the Tasman Peninsula in the southeast, the striking Cradle Mountain in the centrally located Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Park, the Freycinet National Park with the picturesque Wineglass Bay in the east, and the largely manless wild in the Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park In the southwest of the island.

Food and Drink: Tasmania's rich soil, pure air and clean water, inspire dedicated breeders to experience a truly delicious food and drink. Tasmania is a great place to sample fresh produce. You can find it on farm markets and in local restaurants, from cheap pubs to luxury bars and restaurants.  

Tasmania also houses some of Australia's leading cold climate wines with our Pinot Noir and sparkling wines that attract the interest of winegrowers from around the world. The clean, green surroundings are also ideal for the production of cider, whiskey and gin.
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