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Oman Asia

Oman borders the United Arab Emirates in the north-west, Saudi Arabia in the west and Yemen in the south-west. Oman also includes two enclaves in the United Arab Emirates, the Musandam peninsula and the Madha Peninsula.

The oldest known settlement in Oman dates back to the Stone Age. Sumerian tablets refer to a country called Magan, which may refer to the old Omani copper mines. Today's name probably comes from the Arab tribes who migrated from the Uman region in Yemen. Many tribes settled in Oman and earned their livelihood with fishing, keeping or breeding cattle. Some of today's Omani families can trace the roots of their ancestors back to other parts of Arabia.

Food: In Oman you can be very cheap. In addition, the dishes often also prepare palate. The cheap kitchen is mostly Indian dominated, with sharp dishes prevail. All of these small, Indian-shaped restaurants are harmless from a hygienic point of view. Hygienic checks are regularly carried out by the authorities. On request - or even if you are overwhelmed with the names of the food - you can directly look into the pot and then decide. There are almost everywhere menus in English. Traditionally, the local people eat with their right hand, and bread is used as a cutlery. Tourists get almost everywhere without the need for cutlery - if not always in the appropriate composition. The prices are comparatively low, for 2 € you can be satisfied. Almost all restaurants offer delivery service or takeaway.

Original Omani dishes are usually found only in restaurants as such. The prices are slightly higher.

Highly expensive can be hotel restaurants as well as restaurants with European or Asian cuisine.
A panarabian basic food represent the dates that there are to buy in different varieties. If they are not as extravagant as the expensive Saudian dates, Omani dates are also an excellent and quite inexpensive pleasure. In addition, they are extremely rich in trace elements. Traditionally, dates are served to strong Arab tea. In Salalah one should not miss the enjoyment of the coconuts. Very recommendable are also freshly prepared fruit juices, which can be found on many menus. The juice district in Muttrah, near the souk in Muscat, is recommended.
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