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Oia Greece

The city of Ia, often written as Oia, was built right into the rocks. Here visitors can admire the houses of Venetian captains as well as the more typical "cave houses" of the villagers. Admire the white buildings with colorful roofs, a classic example of Greek architecture, and enjoy a stroll through the city. Take your time, because you should not miss the sunset. He is simply breathtaking. Watch the whole thing from a café or even better from a boat - you will be speechless.

Oia has a very charming cityscape. The narrow, winding streets, which are cafes, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops, are striking. A tour through the city center is worthwhile if you want to see the extraordinary house construction. Some of them are caves, which are closely mingled with the hill. In the center you will pass the church of Panagia and an old windmill. There are also some art galleries and a maritime museum where visitors can admire old ship accessories. The most beautiful view is from the highest point of the city, where also the remains of the Londsa castle are located.

Southwest of Oia lies the beautiful Armenian Bay, which can be reached on foot or on the back of a Mulis. Further to the west are a small port and the Bay of Ammoudi. Here holidaymakers can relax and bathe at beautiful pebble beaches. In the port of Oia there are also boat trips offered, which allow a very special view of the place. Maybe you can also visit the neighboring islands.
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