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Pamukkale Turkey

On the mountain slopes near Pamukkale, thermal springs at a height of about 200 m on a rocky promontory of the Cokelez mountains have created a wide terrace of calcareous sinter over the course of the millennium. The limestone cliffs, which, like a broad, petrified waterfall, descend the mountain form an unusual and fantastic natural phenomenon.

White lime cascades, which glow at sunset, glowing oleander bushes and the mountainous landscape offer an impressive interplay. The lime terraces enclose natural "bathtubs" for the warm and healing spring water. The terraces are on the list of world cultural heritage of UNESCO.

Already the Romans used the effect of the thermal springs of Pamukkale against rheumatism and arthritis. King Eumenes II of Pergamum had already settled here as early as 190 BC. The thermal spa of Hierapolis; But it was planned mainly as a fortress. But this also involved the first-time erection of thermal baths.
The sintered terraces may only be walked barefoot and within the approved areas.
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