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Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is the capital of the province of Western Cape in South Africa and is located at the Cape of Good Hope. Its unmistakable landmark is Table Mountain.

Cape Town is an exciting metropolis that combines modern urbanity with a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to secluded beaches and forests, Cape Town also lures with its busy streets and hot spots, where seeing and being seen is the order of the day.

The most famous landmark of Cape Town is the Tafelberg with the upstream Lions Head and Signal Hill, which characterize the city panorama of Cape Town. A climb up the Table Mountain of Cape Town is therefore an absolute must during your Cape Town trip, you will be rewarded above with a breathtaking view. In addition, this monument, which is declared a national monument, is particularly interesting for nature lovers, because there are more species of plants growing up in the Cape Town Table Mountain than in England.
Apart from all the progress and modern life styles in Cape Town, it should be remembered that the majority of the South African population lives in poverty in the surrounding townships of Cape Town. The crime rate remained very high even after the end of apartheid in Cape Town. Keep this in mind during the Cape Town Tour and do not stop in Cape Town even after dark.

Culinary Cape Town

The culinary landscape of Cape Town unites the most diverse influences and styles. This is linked to the long history of South Africa, so the typical South African cuisine is today characterized by Dutch, English, German and Asian elements. Traditionally, the cuisine in Cape Town offers meat spits of lamb, beef or pork, but also stews and barbecue. Spices are well-liked in Cape Town, for example with curry or saffron.
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