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Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul (Turkish: Istanbul, formerly Constantinople and before Byzantium) is the most important and most varied city in Turkey, both from a cultural and economic point of view.

The city spreads on both sides of the Bosporus and thus extends over two continents. There is more or less ambiguity about the number of inhabitants, estimates are between about 12 and 16 million inhabitants, which means that Istanbul is also one of the largest cities in Europe and the world. Until the founding of the Republic, Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire; this was now Ankara for strategic reasons. Due to Roman, Greek and Ottoman history, Istanbul offers a variety of cultural attractions.

Istanbul has become an absolute hotspot for city tourists in recent years. The only city on two continents receives countless visitors every year and invites you to get to know the breathtaking sights of the city. Divided by the Bosporus, almost on both sides of the bank are almost endless monumental buildings, some of which were erected well before the birth of Christ.

Attractions in Istanbul
The beautiful city of Istanbul is located on the Bosporus and is known for its "1000" mosques. There are really many Islamic god houses in the city, but no one knows. The Hagia Sophia with its beautiful park and the Blue Mosque are the two most famous. Your pictures go around the world in every travel catalog. But also the "Great Mosque" on the banks of the Bosporus is always worth a visit. First of all, because you get the chance to look into the Godeshaus, when the Muslims pray. Other sights in Istanbul are the "Grand Bazaar", which is like a market hall in the middle of the city and can show everything your heart desires. On a trip to Istanbul you should shop here. From jewelery to clothing to oriental spices, all offers are here.

Apart from the French and Chinese, Turkish cuisine is one of the most famous and best known kitchens in the world. This kitchen is just as colorful as the country's cultural mosaics and is made up of numerous and varied tastes.
In the shop windows of the confectioneries, grape tarts are stacked on top of each other, candied quinces shine with confidence, and a seductive nougat tower rises: Istanbul is a land of confinement for sweet-tooth cats. 

A classic among the countless sweets in Istanbul is Lokum (Turkish Delight).
Sweets for dessert are unusual in Turkey; much more popular are sweets for between or on holidays as well as during Ramadan. To the tea in Baklava classic is served. The pastry consists of wafer thin pastry layers, which are refined with walnuts and sweetened with syrup.
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